Top Home Office Furniture Design Trends

The ‘home office’ – the space in the house where most of us have probably spent the majority of our time in the last 15 months. And while a lucky few may have enjoyed a dedicated home office to work from home, many have instead had to repurpose their dining room table or a corner of their bedroom into a make-shift workspace.

If you’re at the stage now where ‘enough is enough’ and fancy yourself your own slice of a dream home office that’s easy to leave behind at the end of the working day, then take a look at our 4 top home office furniture design trends for some home office inspiration…

  1. Scandi Style Shelving

We can’t talk about furniture trends without mentioning Scandi styles. This is something we’ve seen in many of our home office designs – customers looking for a combination of open and closed shelving, to be able to display accessories such as books and ornaments while hiding away other items, to provide a clean and less cluttered look to the office.

And if you want to continue with the Scandi theme, don’t forget to add cosy accessories for that ‘hygge’ feel!


  1. Make a Statement with Contrasting Colours

While colour choice is largely down to a customer’s personal taste and will usually be chosen to match their existing décor, we have seen a lot of customers opting for contrasting colours for their home office furniture.

Whether it’s light and bright units matched with a dark worktop, or statement doors paired with a contrasting carcase, it has been great to see so many different combinations, which allows the furniture to become a statement piece in the room.

And as for the worktops, it seems that we’re opting for styles that help us get closer to nature with textured woodgrains being the finish of choice!

  1. Functional Storage

While storage is a key part of any home office space, one of the biggest requirements has been for drawers.

Of course, they’re perfect for hiding away clutter and having everything you need close to hand, but we’ve definitely seen a variety of storage needs for these! From storing away smaller items such as stationery and snacks (which is obviously important when working from home), to storage for filing paperwork including box files, being able to design drawers which are made-to-measure when it comes to size and depth has been important for creating your bespoke home office.

  1. A New Way of Co-Working

For many, not only have we had to find space to work from home ourselves but in some cases, we’ve had to share this space with our partners too!

As a result of this new co-working adjustment, fitted home offices with 2 workstations have been proving popular, as they provide each person with their own dedicated space to work from.

But the functionality doesn’t stop there! By having multiple workstations, this also provides the option of a space for kids to do their homework from, so the home office becomes a space that the whole family can use.

We hope these home office design ideas have inspired some of your own!

But, if you still need some guidance, why not book your free consultation with one of our designers or click here to find out more about our bespoke fitted home office furniture.