The benefits of a garden office

A garden room isn’t just for summer, it can make a fantastic flexible home office all year round!

For some a garden office is the best of both words, giving yourself a dedicated space to get your ‘work’ brain in gear while still benefiting from all those working from home perks. This can be especially important during the shorter, darker days where it’s good to physically ‘leave’ the house during the day to avoid going into complete hibernation mode (although, there’s nothing wrong with that from time to time).

Here are just some of the benefits from building a garden office:

  1. Frees up space in your home
    Moving your homeworking space into a garden office can be better for your mental health and wellbeing as it creates a separate workspace from your home life and allows you to clear clutter from your precious indoor space.Also, by creating a fully functional and inspiring workspace, it can aid productivity and creativity.
  1. Creates a natural boundary between home and work
    A garden office gives you the best of both worlds – it allows you to ‘leave’ the house every day, yet you don’t have to deal with an actual commute to work. Plus, at the end of the day, you can close the door to your office and forget about work, compared to having constant reminders seeing your work documents scattered across the dining room table.
  1. Brings you closer to nature
    When working from home, it’s important that we prioritise our mental health as much as possible and a great way to do this is by getting closer to nature as it’s known to improve your mood and reduce feelings of stress. And so, being immersed in a green space such as your garden can be good for your wellbeing.
  1. Allows flexibility to be used for other activities

    A garden office pod doesn’t have to solely be for homeworking. With some clever design features, it could also double up as a space for a small home gym or even a home bar for use on the weekends! Check out this home working space that doubles as a bar for entertaining!
  2. Allows for a more Professional Space Having a separate space for remote working means that your home office can be used as a more professional meeting space when required, without the cost of hiring external meeting rooms
  3. Added Property Value 
    If you’re desperate for more space but can’t afford to move house, installing a garden office can be a cost effective solution for extending your home instead, especially at the moment with house prices on the rise. Plus, it could also add value to your property in the future, by adding that ‘wow’ factor and being attractive to potential buyers who may need their own home office, particularly as remote or hybrid working appears to be the new normal.

If that has whetted your appetite for your own garden office, our brand partner MGM Timber can help you with everything you need to build your own, including building materials (such as roofing, doors, framing, windows and cladding) as well as our design service for your fitted home office furniture.

Or if you have existing structure, we can simply supply and/or fit your home office furniture.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your own Garden Home Office