Spare Room Inspiration Ideas

Whether you’re waving goodbye to your kids as they head off to university this month (leaving behind their empty room) or you simply have a spare room in the house that you’re not sure how to use, take a look at our top suggestions for inspiration on what you could transform the space into…

1. Home Gym

A popular option due to the lockdowns last year, having your own gym at home can ensure you’re able to keep up with your training all year round – without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

2. Full Home Office

With a lot of people continuing to work from home, having a dedicated home office can be the perfect solution for reclaiming your kitchen table and having a quiet space to focus!
Click here for some home office inspiration

3. Snug/Library

Turn your spare room into a cosy snug for reading or just relaxing – perfect as we approach the winter months, make sure to add plenty ‘hygge’ items for ultimate comfort!

4. Guest Room/Home Office Alcove

Having a dedicated guest room for friends and family that can also double as a home office is a great option, allowing you to have the best of both worlds – plus, it can be used as a bedroom and study space when your kids visit home and during exam times.

Check out this modern alcove office, tucked into the cupboard space of the spare room

5. TV Room/Theatre

Making the most of family movie nights – turn your room into a dedicated movie theatre with wall mounted TV, comfy seating and, of course, a snack cupboard!

6. Home Bar

Another popular trend this year has been home bars, allowing you to enjoy a drink (or two…or three, hic!) with friends and family without leaving the house.

For some inspiration, Check out this stylish home bar design (which also doubles as an office) 

7. Walk-in Wardrobe

A dream for many, using an entire room as a walk-in wardrobe or dressing room is a great way to free up space in your own bedroom!

8. Arts & Crafts Room

With many taking up crafting related hobbies during lockdown, it’s great to have your own space where you can spend more time on this, with a crafts room!

Check out our recent case study where we designed a craft/office room

9. Games room

Turning the spare room into a space for gaming is ideal for keeping it tucked away, so it’s not taking over the main living space and TV. We were recently able to design and supply a bespoke gaming and homework desk for one of our customers – check it out here

10. A Shrine

…however, as much as you may love the idea of transforming your kid’s bedroom into something else once they leave home, doing anything with the room may be too difficult initially. Therefore, it’s no surprise that it may instead become a shrine – for the first year anyway!

We hope these suggestions have sparked some inspiration for what you can do with your own spare room!

If you’re leaning more towards a home office, our range of bespoke home office furniture can be designed according to your space and style, so that you can create a dedicated work from home space that’s unique to you! Get in touch to speak to one of our expert designers today