How to Design a Home Office Space

As the world starts to open up again, there are reports that some companies could move away from the traditional practice of all employees working in the office full time, and instead, move to a more flexible approach which sees a mix of working from both the home and office. This is being labelled as ‘hybrid work’.

As a result, while many thought ‘working from home’ was going to be a temporary measure during the pandemic, this may end up being a new normal for a lot of people, at least part of the time.

Therefore, adapting our homes to suit this new ‘hybrid work’ approach is critical to ensure we can work from home effectively. If you are thinking about setting up a more permanent work from home office space, here are some tips on what you should take into consideration to help you start planning:

  1. What Space Do You Have?

First of all, you need to look at the available space in your home: do you have a room you could dedicate to an office? Or if space is at a premium, is there a potential office nook under the stairs, an unused alcove or even space outside for a garden room?

If possible, try and choose a space which is quiet and away from any distractions where you can really focus on your work.

  1. What is your Budget?

Once you’ve considered where you want to put your home office, it’s important to consider what sort of budget you have in mind – this will help guide you when looking at different options to ensure that the dream office you’re planning is within your price range.

Husband and wife doing paperwork together, calculating their expenses.

  1. What Do You Need in Your Office?

It’s important to consider what your key requirements are for your home office space. For example, how much workspace do you need – do you need space for 2 monitors? Also, how much storage will you need? Would you like drawers, open shelving or cupboards or a mix?

Don’t forget about somewhere to house your printer and any other office equipment!

  1. How Do You Want it to Look?  

Now comes the fun part – styling your home office! Consider whether you want it to match the rest of the house or if you’re looking for something more unique. Pick colours to brighten up your space or opt for a woodgrain effect for a more traditional look – it’s your office so this is your chance to make it your own!

  1. The Finishing Touches

Finally, are there any extras that would be a good addition to your workspace, such as built-in lighting, charging hubs or pop-up sockets? These small details can help make a big difference to the way you work.

We understand there’s a lot to think about when it comes to planning your dream home office – but don’t worry, that’s where our expert designers come in! They can help guide you through the entire design process, so you get a bespoke home office tailored to you.

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