How to Declutter your Small Home Office

An apple iMac on a desk that is cleaned of all clutter

Working from home has become an everyday reality for many of us. The homeworking lifestyle can take some adjusting to and it’s important your home office is an environment where you can thrive. A cluttered workspace can hinder your productivity and the problem can be even more real if you’ve got limited space to begin with. With this in mind, we’ve come up with some home office ideas so you can declutter and get the best from your working from home setup.

1. Go vertical

A great way of maximising the space in any small home office is to think about what vertical options you have. These can range from hanging shelves above your desk or popping a bulletin board on the wall to display notes, reminders and other important actions or inspiration for the week ahead. Both of these options can allow you to clear important space on your desk for a clutter-free productive zone, whilst also giving you the opportunity to add personality to your space. This can include choosing decorative or fun post-it notes and pins for your bulletin board that complement your room or introducing some house plants to your shelf display.


An open drawer filled with stationary and organised with wooden dividers

2. Create a clutter drawer

Another great option where space is limited is to make the best use of storage. Designate up to one drawer in your room for your office odds and ends like cables, old notebooks, newspapers, stationary or any other items that don’t have an obvious home. Putting them in a drawer means they remain accessible, but don’t take up valuable space or take away from the aesthetic of your home office set-up by adding clutter when you’re working. And don’t worry, your ‘clutter’ doesn’t need to be cluttered! Pick up some drawer organisers and give items a designated section to ensure everything is kept in order!

3. Space-saving furniture

You don’t need a dedicated room in order to have your own office space at home. This is where space-saving furniture comes in – a savvy design choice which can support you when space is limited, or when multiple uses are needed. Selecting the right space-saving furniture for you is key, making sure it complements the style of your home, whilst providing you with the functionality you need, including storage. The right choice can make a world of difference in a small room and is definitely worth the investment.

Buzz Beespoke home office spaceBuzz Home Office Space

4. Less is more

Don’t ignore the old adage that less is more. Do you really need all the stuff you’ve accumulated? Or can you afford to re-home a few things? Decluttering guru Marie Kondo suggests you should ask if an item ‘sparks joy’ and although this might not be the case for all items of office stationery it is something you can apply to other furnishings and accessories in order to ensure your home office space is somewhere you want to spend your time.

Another consideration is if the item is doing the job you need it to do. Perhaps that old pair of scissors are no longer working so well, or there’s a pen that’s run out of ink sitting in your desk tidy? When it comes to decluttering, you need to focus on what is going to improve your space and productivity. Too much clutter can make things hard to find and can even increase your stress levels. You need to assess which items are giving you value and which ones are there for no real reason – then dedicate time to take action!

5. Make use of dead space

It’s possible you’ve got ‘dead space’ in your small home office. ‘Dead space’ refers to the little nooks and crannies between walls or pieces of furniture that you aren’t using to their full potential when working from home. These spaces are often overlooked when trying to get set-up quickly, but using them can really optimise the space you have available and make your space feel bigger. Solutions can include; putting open shelving in the corner of your room, fitting cupboards that go as high as you can reach or suspending storage from the ceiling.

At Buzz Home Office we’ve created the ‘Beespoke’ range, which offers a tailored approach to making the most of those nooks and crannies, so you can get the most out of your home. Explore the range for some inspiration.

We hope you’ve found some home office tips and inspiration in order to make your working from home lifestyle more productive and clutter-free. Check out our other blogs for more home office inspiration.


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