Top 5 Home Office Inspirations for Spring – Including Pantone of the Year!

Even though restrictions may be starting to ease, for many of us, working from home will still be part of our way of working, and so it’s important to have a dedicated home office space that is tailored to your homeworking needs. And now that Spring is in the air, it’s the perfect excuse to refresh your home office in time for the new season.

Whether you currently don’t have a home office set up and are looking to create a more permanent space to work in, or you would like to spruce up your existing workspace, we’ve pulled together some home office inspiration and tips for getting you and your workspace Spring ready so you can create a space which motivates and inspires you to be your most productive self.

1. Pantone of the Year

Inject some sunshine and warmth into your workspace with home office furniture colours inspired by pantone of the year 2021!

Our ‘Brilliant Yellow’ and ‘Dust Grey’ options make a fantastic combo to help create a home office space that inspires – available in both our Beepoke and Home Hive ranges.

Yellow is undoubtedly a colour that comes to mind when we think of Spring, thanks to the daffodils and other wildflowers starting to bloom, making it the perfect colour choice for a Spring inspired office.

Plus, it’s been said that Yellow evokes feelings of happiness and can help to brighten spirits – which is probably something we could all do with just now! Balanced out with a calming grey, and we think it’s a winning combination!

But if yellow and grey aren’t the colours for you, we do still have a wider range to choose from – click here to check out our full range of colours in our brochure

2. New Plants/Fresh Flowers

Nothing freshens up a room more than some greenery.

If you haven’t already, make sure to include some house plants within your homeworking space – from potted plants to hanging baskets, or even just a few smaller plants to decorate your shelves and give your workspace some life!

Plus, it’s been said that plants release oxygen into the air and absorb the carbon dioxide, and that increase in oxygen means your brain should feel less fatigued and cloudy, which is great news when you’re stuck at your desk all day.

Or why not treat yourself to a bunch of fresh, colourful flowers? Whichever you prefer, having some foliage in your workspace is an easy way to boost spirits and lift your mood when you’re working.


3. Accessories

We may go on about accessories a lot, but they are a really great way to make your home office space your own!

When it comes to accessory ideas for Spring, why not choose items which will provide a pop of colour, like bright artwork for your wall, and look to introduce some colourful cushions or a rug for a more homely feel. And of course, you can never go wrong with a bright new notebook!

Plus, it’s good to engage all the senses, so make sure you have a candle or two at the ready with springtime fragrances, such as floral or citrus scents.

4. Spring Cleaning

It wouldn’t be spring without some sort of spring cleaning involved!

And while you’re sorting through all your paperwork and other bits and bobs, it’s a good excuse to introduce some storage systems which will help make it easier to keep things organised and tidy in future.

Because Buzz Home Office furniture is completely bespoke and designed around you and your way of working, we can take care of all your storage needs, from drawers to keep all your supplies together to cupboards to keep your printer and other equipment hidden away, and shelves for books and decorations.

See our full range of bespoke office furniture here

5. And finally, get out and enjoy some fresh air

Now that the mornings and evenings are getting lighter again, there’s more opportunity to get out for some fresh air and enjoy the warmer weather that arrives with Spring.

Not only is it good for upping your step count and getting some exercise, but it’s also great for giving your mind a break and keep yourself motivated throughout the day – even better when it’s sunny too!

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Let us help you create a home office that will put a Spring in your step this season – get in touch today to find out more