Home Office Design – Top Tips for 2021

With many offices having to close in 2020, we saw a dramatic rise in the number of people being forced to change the way they’ve always worked and move to working from home instead. While this will be temporary for some, for others, this could be the new normal going forward.

Therefore, it’s never been more important to have a dedicated work space which suits your lifestyle, allows you to work productively but also that you are happy to work in.

We’ve come up with our top tips on nailing your home office design this year…

1. Create a Workspace that’s Unique to you

Chances are you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your home office space and so it should be somewhere that’s designed around your needs and personality. From the style of desk you want, to the colour palette, whether you need something small and compact or need the space of a whole room – it’s important to ensure it’s a functional and practical space.

Luckily, our made-to-measure Beespoke and Home Hive ranges mean that your home office design is completely bespoke to you, your requirements and lifestyle.

Then once the functionality is taken care of, you can look into all the additional little touches that make it personal to you – whether that’s choosing a calming colour scheme for your walls, adding some comfortable textures such as a rug or cushions or decorating the wall with a pin board filled with inspiring quotes or family photos that make you smile – it’s your chance to make it yours.

2. Office Chair

Again, if you’re going to be spending a lot of time sitting, choosing the right office chair is an essential consideration.

As much as you may want something super stylish which will look great on a Teams call, it’s important to ensure your office chair is comfortable and allows you to have a healthy posture to help prevent muscle strain in your neck, back and other joints.

Therefore, it is usually recommended that you opt for chairs which allow you to adjust the height and which also have the right seat depth for your height. Chairs which tilt are also great too as they allow you to change your position throughout the day.


3. Lighting

Not only does having the right amount of light make it easier on your eyes when you’re staring at a screen all day, but it also helps with your mood too – especially living in the UK during the winter, when it feels like it’s dark for months on end!

Ideally, natural light is best, so setting up your desk or home office space near or next to a window is a great idea (just be mindful that if you have your back to the window you may end up with glare on your screen).

However, if it’s not possible to work near a window, then make sure you have a good desk lamp to help brighten things up and avoid any strain on the eyes. Plus, it will make for better virtual calls too.

4. Storage

To ensure that your home office workspace remains tidy and organised, it’s important to have adequate storage.

Whether that’s in the form of drawers, a filing cabinet, cupboards, shelving or decorative baskets, having a dedicated place to store all of your home office essentials enables you to minimise any clutter on your desk, keeping it clear so that you can remain focused on your work. It will also mean everything is to hand when you need it!

Tidy desk = tidy mind.

5. Accessories

Once you’ve nailed your home office design and setup, it’s good to consider what additional extras, like accessories, you will need; some of which may be necessary to help with productivity but others might just be for a bit of fun!

From adding greenery in the form of a house plant for some colour and freshness, to a smartphone holder to keep your phone in position for when you need it, check out our dedicated blog 5 Must Have Home Office Accessories for some inspiration!


Ready to get started on your own home office space? Find out how Buzz Home Office can help you create a bespoke home office that’s tailored to you and your lifestyle. Check out our full range or get in touch for more information.