Bespoke Study & Gaming Desk for Schooling

The Buzz Home Office team recently designed and installed a bespoke furniture solution for a school student which could be used as a space for studying, gaming and watching TV.

As the 12-year-old student was about to begin secondary school, he would need a dedicated space for studying and homework. However, his previous set up didn’t allow for this and as a keen gamer, he also didn’t have anywhere comfortable to sit when gaming on the PC or on his consoles.

Therefore, his parents, Mr & Mrs Galbraith, were looking for a bespoke solution to be designed with both functions in mind, as well as still providing the required storage which was available in the current furniture.

Our expert designers worked with the family to produce a made-to-measure free-standing solution that fit perfectly into the required 2.6m x 450mm alcove space.

Arriving pre-assembled, although this solution could be supplied flat packed, the bespoke furniture included a space for both a TV and computer monitor, shelving for a games console and games, as well as plenty of drawer space.

However, the most unique feature of this solution was the ‘pull-out’ desk which provided a space for using a laptop and doing schoolwork, but can then be hidden away when it’s no longer needed.

The bespoke furniture was also designed to have two separate worktops at different heights so that the desk could be positioned at the appropriate height for sitting at, with the taller unit being used to maximise storage and provide enough height for the TV monitor to sit on. The storage was also installed with ‘touch’ drawers.

Mrs Galbraith commented, “We needed a space for the laptop to do schoolwork, a monitor for PC gaming and a TV for watching movies and console gaming. Previously, our son had a chest of drawers that were about desk height but there was no way of sitting down at them.”

She continued, “The solution also needed to fit into a single bedroom, as well as look stylish enough that our son would be happy with it. We are all delighted with what Buzz Home Office has provided us with.”

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