A Unique Alcove Office for Kris’ Edinburgh Apartment

When renovating his new flat and preparing to move in, Kristofor Banks reached out to Buzz Home Office in need of an area where he could comfortably work from home, but also one that would not get in the way of him enjoying an equally comfortable evening. 

Kristofor’s Design Consultation 

Our designers worked with Kris to understand his vision for his new home, and his home office within it. An alcove in the apartment presented itself as the perfect opportunity to create Kris’ ideal workstation, befittingly in the form of an Edinburgh Press home office. Kris loved the concept, and together he and our designers progressed through a full consultation on spec and style, to create a working space that not would only fit the alcove perfectly, but his personality too. Even with Kris being in Singapore during the entire process, our team were happy to be flexible and suit his schedule with video calls in order to get the design just right. 

Kristofor’s Beespoke Solution 

To maximise his productive space while minimising the footprint of the workstation, our designer incorporated a pull-down desk into the Edinburgh Press, along with a drawer for enclosed storage. This allows Kris to fold out his office whenever he needs it – with everything he needs stored to hand – then take back his living space when working hours are over. A lamp and built-in area for hiding any messy cables were also included. And the clean white finish selected by Kris lets the space act as a showcase for books and decorations that tie it seamlessly to the personality of the room. 


Kristofor’s Personal Verdict 

“Honestly, I couldn’t be happier with how the process went and my unique new workspace – which really does feel like mine. I think being overseas during the design might have been an issue for some companies, but the Buzz Home Office Designers kept me involved at all stages. My favourite part is being able to easily put my work out of sight when I’m done and forget about it. Until the next day at least.” 


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