Be more bee with buzz home office

Buzz Home Office offers bespoke home workspaces, beautifully designed to enhance your productivity and lifestyle, for a busy happy hive. We turn the finest quality materials into stylish fitted home office, study and multimedia spaces. With our made-to-measure ‘Home Hive’ and ‘Beespoke’ ranges, you can create an office that seamlessly complements your homeworking lifestyle whether you have a full room to work in or a cosy alcove.

Our cost-effective design solutions allow you to create an affordable workspace without compromising on quality or style. Working with our design team, you can maximise the productive potential of any workspace, whatever the size, making your vision a reality. We will marry together your way of working, living space, and personal style to create a truly bespoke office design.

Which range is right for me?

From a fully bespoke made-to-measure home office to a small workspace designed to fit a cosy alcove or under the stairs, our team of designers will be with you every step of the journey to create your perfect workspace. Find out more about how we can work with you to turn your vision into a reality with our made-to-measure office furniture ranges.

Home Hive

With Home Hive by Buzz Home Office you can create a fully fitted office or workspace that fits your household’s lifestyle and way of working. From a dedicated home office just for you, to a buzzing hive of productivity for all ages to work, live, and bee together, a personalised Home Hive complements your home and style.

Bespoke home office


Beespoke by Buzz Home Office is the ideal range for those with less space to work with. From an alcove under the stairs to a corner that’s going spare, unlock the productive potential in any area of your home with an inspiring workspace created with made-to-measure fitted office furniture.

Small workspace solutions